What Moves People

UX/UI design

Oct 2021 - July 2022




Which relevant data can be used for an insightful ''experience map'' with touch-points for interventions about the behavior and emotions of travelers that are going to the ArenA area?

In collaboration with venues on the ArenA Boulevard (ArenA, Ziggo Dome, and AFAS Live) Creative Media for Social Change is researching how to stimulate event goers to travel more sustainably. The interactive experience map shows creative solutions to make these venues more sustainable.

Collecting data

One of the concepts for making a more sustainable journey to an event is Amsterdam Greenest Feestje. This is the concept that me and my team designed. In total there were 18 teams that conducted research and were thinking of concepts with the same goal in mind.

During my time at the lectorat I was asked to categorize all this research on a timeline. I did this do find out whether there were patterns. This way I could see what the most common journey to an event is and how event goers get influenced in making certain travel decisions.

The experience map

We then created an isometric experience map based on the most common journey to an event. The journey involves both event goers that go by public transport as the ones that go by car.

Along the way intervention points are implemented. These intervention points are the concepts that are designed by the 18 teams.

Hovering over an intervention point

When hovering over one of the intervention points (stars) one of the concepts of the teams is shown which can make the journey more sustainable.

All the concepts are implemented on different points on the timeline. Some concepts focused on providing a greener travel option prior to the ticket purchase of an event, and some concepts focus on educating event goers during an event.


I also created a bidbook from all the concepts that were designed. This book is also digital and is linked to the experience map.

When clicking on one of the intervention points, the user gets directed to the corresponding page in the bidbook. Here, the user can read more about the concept and the research. Interviews with professionals in the field are also included.